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modv4 w/graphics

HU4 modv4

Be sure you only install the correct mod for your hu game.
With all the interest in Mods, we have finally put up a page for Mod downloads.

Here’s what new additional weapons and scope reticle you get in the hu09 mod : Thanks Imasniper and LoneWolf for this updated mod.

*.223 Rem Lever action. This is based on the .243 lever action model with new sound (looks like the .243)

*.338 LM (Lapua Magnum) Timberwolf with new stand alone graphics utilizing the CADPAT Temperate Woodland design and new sound.

*New Reticle for the 5-22NXS Nightforce Scope.

This also includes the following from previous mods.
Scopes …
4.5-18x RF Leupold (replacing the 4-14x)- Imasniper
5-22x RF Nightforce NXS quick zoom (replacing the 4-12x RF)- Lone Wolf
Spotting scope now goes to 25x, and zooms quicker- Lone Wolf
ADDED Weapons …
.50 BMG bolt action rifle- Lone Wolf
.416 Barrett semi-auto rifle (and new sound)- Imasniper
M107 SASR (Special Application Scoped Rifle) .50 caliber semi-auto
rifle- Imasniper with the help from ^v^LadyHawke^v^.
8mm Mauser bolt action rifle- Imasniper
.30-06 A-Bolt Stalker- Ita
PzB 39 – Aussie Guy
.284 Lazzeroni Firebird – Big~Daddy
12ga Citori XS Sporting – Ita
.45 Auto – Imasniper
.44 Magnum Revolver – Aussie Guy
.500 S&W Magnum – Lone Wolf
New Hunter Camo(boy model) – Ita

And here are the short but concise standard instructions for
incorporating a mod into your copy of Hunting Unlimited – HU4, HU2008 or
HU2009. Thanks to Lone Wolf for providing these.

—Installation instructions—
Open the HU Mod with WinRAR. (double click on it)
Open the HU base.scs file (where you installed the game) separately
with WinRAR. BOTH should be visible on your screen.
Drag and drop all the folders from the mod rar into the base.scs file.
******** Make sure you use “STORE” as the compression method!
See screen shot below
Compression may take up to 2+ minutes (depending on your system), as
the base.scs file is 650+ megs.
You might want to make a backup copy of the base file (burn to CD, or
just make a copy of it if you have the HD space). JUST in case :) That
way you won’t have to reinstall the game.

Compression Method

Thanks from the Mod Squad:
Aussie Guy
Lone Wolf

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